God bless you,


In 1987 I was healed   

of cancer and my

ministry changed to

a personal walk

with the lord. 



I am a husband a father a brother a sinner a man in need of the touch of the Masters hand everyday. I came to the lord in, August 1973 at a festival in Ohio. Since then it has been a relationship building journey. I have found, walking through the (valley of the shadow of death) this relationship with our Heavenly Father grows deeper... walking one day at a time.

Jay Kline   Bio: 


Bible student, since 1973 {student for 47 years and counting}

Bible college, 1976-1977

Career: Automotive Industry 1978-2006

Rev.Jay's Bible Fellowship, since 1996- Schyler Ridge Retirement Center

Living Hope Community Church, Elder  1997 - 2019 amairtis

Ordained to the Christian Church, in 1998 Reverend Jay F.Kline

Volunteer Chaplain of Clifton Park NY Fire Dept, since 2002-

Volunteer Night Chaplain at Ellis Hospital, since 2003-

Vice President Ellis Hospital Board of Directors Volunteer Services, since 2013-

Volunteer Chaplain at Albany  Medical Hospital, since 2013-                                          4 units of Clinical Pastoral Education towards Certification, at AMC  2016

Coordinator, "Church in the Home" Abiding Faith Ministry 501c3,   

Appointed to NYSAFC as Eastern Director on the State BOD  - 2019 -

Invocation at the first T-party at State Capital of NY, more than  3000  Americans showed up